Cash-Out Refinance
A cash-out refinance allows you to tap into the equity you have built up in your home as it has increased in value over time, and through your monthly payments. It involves your current mortgage being paid off by taking out a new one and for an amount that is larger than what you currently owe. A cash out refinance is usually more attractive to those home owners who have too much of their wealth tied up in their home and don’t have the cash assets on hand they would like. 
A Cash-Out refinance could help you:

  • Access a large lump sum of cash
  • Pay off high interest credit card debt
  • Pay off a car loan
  • Pay student loans
  • Boost your credit score
  • Pay off medical bills
  • Take a vacation
  • Make home improvements
  • Buy an investment property
  • Pay for college
  • Pay down debt and improve your debt-to-income ratio
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